Gearing up for larger Meetings and Events in Singapore

T'was a stark contrast between the quietness of a suburban neighbourhood and the buzz on our phones on the evening of 24th March 2021 with news about capacity expansion on approved business events and, Pre-Event Testing (PET) not required for those under 250pax. Is it an absolute, most wonderful move towards ramping up activities for the industry? We're not quite there yet but any step forward, is a step forward.

Yes, safe management measures (SMM) are still required at the event. /cue concerns over how should onsite execution be managed

Yes, approval for events of above 50 pax is still required. /cue sighs of having to deal with paperwork
(Pending more information in the updated Safe Business Events (SBE) framework)

Trust us, we get it. The uncertainties and anxieties are real, but so are the opportunities to push ahead, sprinkle magical events dust and create some of our best memories once again. And while it is not as though floodgates are entirely open, the latest announcements will allow more meetings owners to dust off the plans that have long been in limbo, event agencies can start flexing and put forward creative proposals again and generally, the sun will peek out more from the clouds that have been casting a shadow on everyone for the better part of a year. 

While we wait for updates to the SBE framework, here's a quick info pack to help jump-start a new season of events:

STB Media release:

Safe Business Events framework:

Pre-Event Testing

Pre-Event Testing Resource by Ministry of Health: (more details available in April'21) 

Clinics currently providing Antigen Rapid Tests (ART) with price listed: SATA and Minmed
Disclaimer: 1000meetings has no affliation to the abovementioned organisations.

If you've missed it, we've previously shared our experiences about the Antigen Rapid Test process here.

The team has also curated a list of meeting venues from various locales in Singapore that could help kickstart your events in this exciting phase!

Venues and SMM Capacities


Grand Ballroom: 84 pax in Cluster, 80 pax in Classroom and 182 pax in Theatre.
SMM Capacity Chart: Click here

InterContinental Singapore

Grand Ballroom: 116 pax in Cluster, 86 pax in Classroom and 140 pax in Theatre.
SMM Capacity Chart: Click here

ParkRoyal on Pickering

William Pickering Ballroom: 50 pax in Cluster, 48 pax in Classroom and 100 pax in Theatre
SMM Capacity chart: Click here

Sofitel Sentosa

Straits Ballroom: 50 pax in Cluster, Classroom and Theatre.
SMM Capacity Chart: Click here

Swissotel The Stamford and Fairmont Singapore

Stamford Ballroom: 200 pax in Cluster, 100 pax in Classroom and 200 pax in Theatre
SMM Capacity chart: Click here

As always, Sheryn is contactable at to help you get to the right venues and together,
let's get the shows on the road again ;)