1000meetings Live Experiences: The Green Studio at Grand Hyatt

Nestled within 1 of Grand Hyatt's 16 residential-style event venues, The Green Studio is a dedicated space for virtual meetings and hybrid events that offer broadcast-grade live streaming equipment and on-site support of dedicated technicians. Comfortably housing 4 panelists or for a speaker to have the entire space as his/her presentation playground, the space is configured to focus on show production 

If you didn't already know, Grand Hyatt Singapore is also a success story of sustainability. As the first hotel to have its own food waste management system, its own herb garden on the rooftop and procures 80% of its seafood certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council and Marine Stewardship Council, it should come as no surprise that our mental wellness was also taken care of during the visit. But we certainly still were. Instead of a typical collection of high stools or single-seater sofas on set, this was the scene that greeted us:

Intriguing, eh? It is in fact, the setting for Grand Hyatt's Director of Spa, Karu Nanithi, as he brought us on a journey of mindfulness through the sound of healing. In the midst of prolonged anxiety, the experience definitely provided a much-needed respite. While he was in the Green Studio, we were comfortably seated and safely spaced in a separate event space a short walk away, allowing us to get a good sense of the flow and logistics when delivering a hybrid event. 

With "Care" appearing in each of Grand Hyatt's Four Pillars of Together, there was no doubt that we've experienced the warm hospitality that encapsulated the care of the body and mind during our visit. Hats off to the entire team for believing in the importance of sustainability since a decade ago and a big thank you for being such gracious hosts! 

This activity was held during Phase 3, before measures were tightened from 8 May 2021 in view of the developing Covid-19 situation in Singapore.  


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